Bamboo massage

What is Bamboo Massage? Bamboo Massage is a table massage or seated massage where the therapist uses warmed bamboo tools, of varying lengths and diameter to roll, knead and relax muscles with deep tissue techniques & this is beneficial in that, it brings about and promotes a deep state  of relaxation.  It is appropriately used as a body & limb massage that incorporates bamboo stalks or compressed sticks of varying lengths and diameters to provide drainage, relaxation & reshaping, simultaneously. Bamboo symbolizes suppleness and resilience, straightforwardness and simplicity & this massage satisfies three major needs: deep muscular relaxation & well-being.

The Benefits of treatment include:
* Transferred warmth & more surface contact
* Greater pressure can be evenly administered to the client‘s body
* Pressure is effectively maintained for longer periods of time using leverage movements
* Effective deep tissue work can be performed in a shorter amount of time
* Allows soothing deep tissue muscle work 
* induces relaxation


How does Bamboo massage work? The therapist can utilise leverage with bamboo tools using their own body weight, while the bamboo tools combined with a special oil, glide over the muscular contours of the client’s body to give a soothing deep tissue massage. The warming heat retention of the sticks relaxes the body, slowly melting away all the tensions, stress & cares of the world. The heat penetrates the deeper layers of the skin surface, increasing a sense of deep relaxation.

What does Bamboo massage feel like?
This massage is very  relaxing & warming feeling exquisite on the body. It brings about an increased relief of sore or aching muscles & inducing deep relaxation. Clients who prefer to receive a deep tissue & sports massage will adore this invigorating treatment, as this massage is great for the relief of overused & hyperactive  muscle or soreness incurred in all sports or work related  professions that build up stress & over activity.
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Although bamboo has been used by many ancient cultures, it seems especially the Chinese & Japanese civilizations have utilised the qualities of its amazing pliable strengths for over 5 thousand years. As with many modern day treatments and therapies,warm bamboo massage treatment (Thermotherapy), has become another popular therapy during the last ten years, especially in many spas, for a soothing pampering indulgence. A step on from hot stones, as the bamboo sticks also retain heat well, after a 30 minute warming time in a heat blanket or therapists portable heat bag.
In 2004, Nathalie Cecilia, a therapist re-founded the idea in the west, patenting 'Bamboo fusion', utilising them to relieve the stresses & strain on her hands. Another revitaliser is Ernesto Oritiz, The originator of Tian Di, incorporates Chinese therapy methods & use of the meridians in the treatments.
Natural sticks are cut & smoothed in varying styles & lengths, these retain the heat well. Smaller sticks can be used for transferring heat to the body, while thinner canes can be used for rolling between the toes or fingers which can be very relaxing, as well as trigger point & acupressure applications.
Used in conjunction with or nurturing methods of Swedish or deep tissue massage techniques. The pressure during the massage has to be lightened over sensitive areas of the fascia tissue, as well as bony prominences as the strong leverage of the sticks & deep application can be very astounding, penetrating amazingly deeper than many other hand massage methods.
Sticks can be used with natural oils, which can also be warmed. Essential oils can also be used to promote natural healing or soothing sensation. Or the sticks can be rolled over the clothing in a dry method if required.
This is a very effective form of deep tissue massage & a wonderful tool for saving the stresses & strains on the therapists hands. Highly beneficial for those in need of a deeper pressure or to help the flow of the bodies natural Chi: internal energy, around the body. Other benefits include deeper muscular penetration, heat transference especially for deeper relaxation.
Bamboo treatments, like any massage style has its contraindication for certain ailments, Heart conditions, High/low blood pressure, infectious diseases, inflammation, recent surgery, open cuts or sores, injury, skin complaints, cancer, varicose veins & the first trimester of pregnancy. *Always consult your medial practitioner before any treatments. 

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