What do Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham have in common? They both share the same beauty/health secret. Both have been seen out and about with strange circular marks on their backs. Don’t worry, they haven’t been hurt, it’s actually the opposite. Both celebrities have undergone an ancient Chinese form of medicine called cupping therapy. The technique, a form of acupuncture, involves suctioning cups on the skin to push old, stagnant and clotted blood to the surface to make room for a fresh blood supply. The therapy is typically used to treat muscular problems, chronic cough and even cellulite among others. IDEAL FOR A NUMBER OF AILMENTS, BOTH PAST AND PRESENT: MUSCULAR STRAINS & TENSION MUSCULAR ACHES CELLULITE REMOVAL CHEST, LUNG & TRACHEA DISORDERS OR INFECTIONS SOME DISEASES OF THE HEART OR CHEST JOINT & ARTHRITIC PAINS HEADACHES & MIGRAINES VARICOSE VEINS LOW BLOOD PRESSURE PAIN IN THE NECK OR STOMACH RHEUMATIC PAIN IN THE MUSCLES TREATING BLOOD PRESSURE CIRCULATION DISEASES