COVID-19  mandatory client regulations. (After reopening).

*PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY, if you are an ongoing client or a new client:

Clients will have to fill in and sign, a client risk assessment form, this will be required pria to attending an appointment.
This can also be sent via email to you to print and sign and return NO later than ONE day before  your appointment. (The appointment will NOT be attended if you do not do this). 

All treatments will be 45 minutes only, this will be charged at the normal rates (*this negates any information on, leaflets printed or information given previously).

All treatments will be attended at my therapy cabin, social distancing on arriving will be mandatory and as well as hand sanitiser will be mandatory at the entrance to the hall way and the cabin.

*PLEASE NOTE: Any new or ongoing client consultations will be performed by phone, email, text message, Skype or Zoom these are performed before, an appointment at their present time and so will the clients agreement. Talking while in the cabin or confined spaces or having a treatment, will be kept to a minimum.

*PLEASE NOTE: Payments must be made either by, contactless card payment or bank transfer, BACS or Banking app or please bring cash in a an envelope. (Form of payment arranged, before you attend).

Please use your own toilet facilities before leaving home. A toilet facility is in the client hall way. If you could inform me if this is used. And abide by the hand washing chart and use the sanitiser provided. The region will be sterile during and cleaned before and  after you attend.

During the pandemic NO mobile treatments will be attended, all clients will have to travel to the cabin for treatments. Face shields are mandatory for the practitioner. Face masks ARE MANDATORY (unless medically exempt) and asthmatics with breathing problems do not have to wear, them whilst having a treatment. If you can take these items with you and dispose of them.

ALL clients will be asked to attend the area and not to chat with other persons or the practitioner or pick up objects in the facility. Coats, hand bags or any clothing removed for a treatment, will need to be hung-up in the the wall hooks provided (*these will be sterilised before and after clients attending the cabin).

The practitioner has attained as many courses in regulation of COVID-19 and sanitation precautions. And the other regions of the facility are cordoned off and will NOT be in use during a virus threat (including seating).

*PLEASE NOTE: The General Data Protection Regulations, (GDPR) agreement has changed, so to inform you that test and trace, may be used by the Government or Health authority to trace and contact you. if you did contract the virus. So your details would then be passed on by your practitioner.

*PLEASE NOTE: Some treatments will be NOT be in use and perhaps massager machinery, maybe used through clothing, instead of hands on skin treatment. If you can agree to contact the practitioner ASAP if you have any health changes or any of your family and friends. 

The client agreement form is mandatory and if this is NOT agreed and signed a client will NOT be able to attend an appointment. If any changes apply you MUST inform your practitioner ASAP.

Please ring me or email me ASAP if you wish to discuss, any of the information or feel you need to inform the practitioner of any personal reasons, that you can NOT abide by the information or agreement. 

Ring or text me on: 07879243117 or email me on: