Medical Acupuncture is an excellent therapy, for rejuvination of the system. It can be used for many aspects of health and wellbeing.

Dry Needling is another aspect for needle use, which is often used in Sports Therapy to try to relax a muscle & can also aid in pain management. It is more of a modern form of needling used for musculoskeletal ailments. This method can be used along with other Sports therapies such as massage and stretching to elongate a tight band of muscle, by needling in to the Trigger point, which is often where the problem is originating from.

The Ancient Chinese Meridians points can also be used, it is painless, the needles are hardly felt as a guide tube is used which sheilds any nerve sensations. The Chinese have used these methods for many thousands of years. The needle points have been found to run along side the known anatomical nerve endings, this is ideal for inducing a relaxing state of mind & promoting wellbeing.