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NEED help with muscular and skeletal aches & pains!

Muscle chart
Everyday life and gravitational pull of the earth around you, can all add to the pain of squeezed discs, causing pain of movement and even trapped nerves giving extreme agony as well as distress.

Your body is an extremely complex and a vastly amazing feat of engineering, the elasticized muscular system has 656 muscles all constantly moving and reacting. Elaborately acting from the messages sent down from our Central Nervous System, via our Cerebellum (known as the small brain) channeled from our Cerebrum (our main brain area), asking for seemingly thoughtless reactions for our gracious and elegant movements.
Even to make the slightest movement, encompasses a vast control of pulley actions (muscles can't push) .
So like all vehicles of daily life, we all need to make sure we are well oiled, full of fuel and all our  moving parts are fully working and not rusted up and grinding or straining!
A bit like a personal M.O.T !
Keep all your muscles (656), bones (206) and posture alignment all in good working order.......

Phil Cole

About Phil

A National Registered practitioner & Teacher in  Sarling Technique trained in 2002, certificated in The art of Sarling Technique, of Body Mechanics Therapy, (BMT). & training in Teaching in 2014.

A Physical & Natural Therapy Association fully accredited member.
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 Scoliosis,Kyphosis & Lordosis are curvatures of the spine.

Spine aches and disc pressure, can be eased by weekly or fortnightly treatments, with remedial massage, light touch, posture alignment as well as gait, also corrective simple daily exercises.

The treatments are ideal for muscular aches, pains or rehabilitation.
Realignment, gait and posture of the skeletal system

Soft tissue massage

Light or soft touch treatments


Deep tissue massage

Muscular release points

Remedial exercises

Posture alignment

Ideal for:

Back or neck pain


Muscular aches

Joint pain

Sciatic pain

Tennis/Golfer's elbow

Muscular balancing


Stress relief

Sport injury rehabilitation

Plantar fasciitis (falling arches)

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Arthritic pain

Lack of mobility

Ligament damage

Repetitive strain or work injuries

You can get a therapy in the comfort of your own home or at your office! (block booking discount available).

A portable couch or a massage chair is used (depending on the kind of treatment or comfort preference).

An ideal way to attain well-being, corrective posture, pain relief, muscular rebalancing, strength, or relaxation.

Feel free to email, call or text to learn more about my program of pain re-leaving treatments - you can ring or text me to make a booking on:                   

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infra-sound therapy

A Novasonic or an audible sound wave machine, sends rapid vibrating pulses, transmitting sound waves in to the muscular area aiding the healing process. Discovered to have healing properties by professor Erwin Schliephake in the 1920s.

This treatment is ideal for many particular muscular problems: 

Muscular strains

Muscular aches

muscular toning




slipped discs


Migraines & headaches


sinus problems

Inflammation, swelling, sprains & contusions

Tennis or golfers elbow

Rheumatic & Arthritic conditions

Muscle tension, muscular spasms (cramps) & fatigue


stretching routines are often recommended for muscular ailments.

knee stretch


Remedial exercises & stretching

Book yourself in today, to make sure your spine and skeletal system is fully aligned (corrective posture) and your muscular system and joints are well oiled and attuned, for your revitalised and wondrous days of your life to come.....

Eastern & western cupping 

What do Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham have in common? They both share the same beauty/health secret. Both have been seen out and about with strange circular marks on their backs. Don’t worry, they haven’t been hurt, it’s actually the opposite.

Both celebrities have undergone an ancient Chinese form of medicine called cupping therapy. The technique, a form of acupuncture, involves suctioning cups on the skin to push old, stagnant and clotted blood to the surface to make room for a fresh blood supply. The therapy is typically used to treat muscular problems, chronic cough and even cellulite among others.

Ideal for a number of ailments, both past and present:

Muscular strains & tension

Muscular aches

cellulite removal

Chest, lung & Trachea disorders or infections

Some diseases of the heart or chest

Joint & Arthritic pains

Headaches & migraines

Varicose veins

Low blood pressure

Pain in the neck or stomach

rheumatic pain in the muscles

Treating blood pressure

Circulation diseases

fire cups

They can also be used for a "negative massage" being less evasive than a regular massage system.

Flash cupping can be used to move blockages & increase blood flow or chi (the Chinese word for energy flow).

The cups can be used in a static spot, to help remove toxins & blockages.

Touch for Health, Kinesiology

In the late 1960’s a Californian chiropractor John Thie, a member of the pioneering team of Applied Kinesiologists founded these techniques.

The term “kinesiology“, sometimes described as the science of human movement took on the meaning of the science of muscle testing with the focus on the balancing the potential of the person. This method also re-energies the Chinese meridain system of the body to release blockages in the chi or flowing energy around the body.


Eastern & western Reiki treatments

What is reiki:

Rei – ki ( pronounced Ray – key) is a system of natural healing involving the laying on of hands and is many thousands of years old.

Reiki helps to promote balance between body, mind & spirit & can help ease the pain of many physical symptoms.

this is an ideal therapy which can heal the physical or emotional problems and be used on any one: from the elderly to new born babies! 


Even if you just need an unwind from life's heavy worries and weighty burdens. Book now to feel soothed, revitalized and back to your normal calm state of mind. Be at peace and pain free again.

What to do before and after your treatment:

Do Not eat heavily for around 1 or 2 hours before.
Wear loose fitting clothing (track suit or sports outfit).
Do not drink alcohol.
Drink 1 or 2 pints of plain water (to flush out the bodies toxins).
Try not to lift anything heavy.
Try to be aware of straightening your posture.
Try not to do any strenuous exercise for that day (start the remedial exercises if appropriate).
Avoid drinking alcohol.

sports massage

Our Program

An initial consultation, as well as clients notes/remedial exercises if required,  £5= 5 minute, £10= 10 minute, £15= 15 minute (taster) or £20= 20 minutes to £35 1 hour treatment or mobile therapies charged between £35 & £45* (*mobile over 10 miles radius). Prices depending on location or pre-payment/block booking discount. We Hope to see you soon!


" I had a lot of back pain in my upper spine, after fortnightly treatments I feel amazingly better and much taller, I can finally stand up straight for the first time in many years! " -- Nick, Sandringham. Norfolk.

" I have had sciatic nerve pain and treatments from Phil Have eased the pain, I am almost pain free now, I would recommend him to anyone." -- Diane, King's Lynn, Norfolk.

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Anatomy & Physiology, as well as Therapist training by the Grand master & founder in the art of Sarling technique. The internationally revered and acclaimed Grace Olive Collins MCSP HPC Reg.(Formerly Olive Glasgow).

Training courses in Sarling Technique, in Fakenham, Norfolk or In Ware, Hertfordshire by arrangement.    

All the anatomical drawings have been created/drawn on this web site by Philip R Cole: Copyright ©

Philip R Cole is also a renowned artist please visit: 

 Sarling Touch. Philip R Cole.

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